Stay Woke - What A Joke - My Pfizer Vaccine Injury Update November 24, 2022

Well thankfully I woke up with less head pain this morning and seemed to be able to sleep very good, I actually started taking Drs. Best Nattokanase, yep to address the Acute hypoxia that may be taking place in my BRAIN...YEAH DID I STUTTER THESE BIG PHARMA ASSHOLES HAVE DONE THIS TO HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE, UST HORRIBLE. thank god are bodies can and will recover from this shit.  .

8:30am Again woke up feeling better than I have, but still have shards of glass feeling both sides of my rib cage and well just constant high pitch ringing in both of my ears. The same issues that I have sec by sec. every day, every minute and just so tire d and exhausted. YOU BIG PHARMA CAN GO FUCK YOURSELFS!!!!

8:30AM - 9:30PM - WELL LIKE I SAID PAIN FROM EARLY THIS MORNING UNTIL NOW. My head pain was less than usual perhaps because I finally received my vitamin C, I am now taking 5000mg a day, so have bumped it up a lot, also taking the nattakonaise for the brain and it seems to be feeling better but again this is probably only temporary, I bet when the storm that is suppose to come in this weekend my head pressure with become more intense again so we will wait and see. I will be sure to update everyone. Well enough of this, I am going to lay my head to rest for the night, tired and again I understand what all my vax injured friends are going through, when I use to spend the holidays with my significant other for the last 15 years and then fiance where we were going to get married last year, but because of this I am not alone. This fucking vaccine injury has ruiened my life now I am GOING TO RUIN THE VERY PEOPLE THAT CAST THIS MANDATE ON OUR SOCIETY... WELL JUST ANOTHER DAY OF MISERY LITERALLY IM OUT AND GOING TO LAY MY HEAD DOWN TO GET A GOOD SLEEP...

SO WHY AM I CALLING OUT THE STAY WOKE? IT'S SIMPLE PRIOR TO ME BEING UNVACCINATED A YEAR AND 4 MONTHS AGO I WAS A PERFECTLY HEALTHY GUY, BUT BECAUSE THERE WAS SO MUCH PRESSURE FROM THE COMPANY I WORKED FOR AND THE PIECE OF SHIT VACCINE MANDATE THAT PIECE OF SHIT BIDEN WAS TRYING TO RAM DOWN THE USE THROATS I DECIDED WHAT CAN IT HURT, THE 1ST WAS A LOW RISK SHOT BUT THE 2ND YEAH THAT WAS ACTUALLY PROVEN TO BE A MEDIUM RISK SHOT. I LOOKED MY LOT NUMBER UP, SO NOW THAT I AM VACCINATED I REGRET EVERY MINUTE. This is now what I tell anyone that ask, if you are healthy and have been healthy continue to do what you do but if you are not then change it. I have learned that  by being unvaccinated I was so much healthier and happy. Now that I am vaccinated it has been a DISASTER AND I WOULD TELL ANYONE THAT ASKS THAT IF IT WERE ME NEVER AGAIN WOULD I CHOOSE TO GET #VACCINATED. Therefore, a lot of the the pressure from the media and the mandate that they were pushing along with the Stay Woke agenda makes me sick now that it is all backfiring on the weak people. YEAH damn right you are especially PUS of a man Jack Dorsey. You are so pathetic, and believe me when I say that you too will get yours. To think that you were the one behind TWITTER and you allowed yourself to be swayed but the utmost evil of evil lobbyist makes me sick. You Jack Dorsey well lets just say that thankfully Elon Musk has finally taken your failed company and will turn it into something big. I mean just the fact that you allowed your company to print the #Stay Woke just goes to show you why this pathetic movement was ignited. I just have to say that it's no wonder why so many #Stay Woke people came out of the woodwork. It was because you allowed this to happen little Jack Dorsey. You my friend have ruined hundreds of thousands of lives as everyone that was so hooked to you platform only went off that of what you wanted people to see. The Stay Woke was one of those messages, which coincided the push for so many people to get vaccinated. HOW DOES IT MAKE YOU FEEL JACK DORSEY that you influenced people that otherwise probably would have never gone out an gotten vaccinated, only to have them be vaccine injured or even killed. The message was so strong, that you and the government were pusing and well quite honestly, you can take you weak of a mans self and stick you whole Stay Woke #Stay Woke initiative and STICK IT STRAIGHT WHERE THE SUN DOES NOT SHIINE. Stay Woke is going down much like you #Stay Woke legacy. So at this point if you are a #Stay Woke person and don't like our message see if I care leave the website, I don't care to be around weak people that have week mindsets. Sorry I say it how it is, you don't like the truth too bad, well enough about this topic I am done but it just makes me sick to think that there were that many shirts at the TWITTER company you all were sick, thank god for ELON MUSK and cleaning house. Lets hope he keeps his initiative #Stay @ Work love it... 

Main Symptoms: LIKE (WTF) Still Persisting...WHY BECAUSE OF PFIZERS VAX and Social Media Companies that were pushing there initiative and the Stay Woke agenda.

  • Calf muscle twitching/spasms #1 Pain of a "3" finally...
  • Occasional blured vision left eye THIS IS A NEW ONE AND REACCURANCE FOR SOME REASON - "3"
  • Pins/Needles/Shards of Glass Feeling - Both sides of my lower rib cage, it was coming and going throughout the day pain - "6"
  • burning sensations throughout my lower extremities/numbness that comes and goes. Pain of a "6"
  • feelings of Gerd/acid reflux (Felling of buildup of gases in my body) - This has subsided again no longer presant. 
  • trouble/pain swallowing on the right side when eating citrus foods sometimes This has finally gone away after October 15, 2022
  • vibration spasm in different parts of my body. Pain of "4"
  • POTS like symptoms - Pain of "2"
  • Mas Cell Activation Symptoms - Somewhat has subsided.
  • Head Pressure comes and goes. #2 - Pain of "5"
  • Burn sensation left front side of my head - Frontal lobe portion feels like a pinch feeling -  Pain "4"
  • Slight pain feeling that comes and goes left side of my heart - Pain of my heart pain "4"
  • Blood Pressure Fluctuation - This has subsided or so I think.
  • Heart Rate Variability fluctuation - This has subsided or so I think.
  • Tightness in chest pain "3"


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