#pfizergate its real and noting about this is misinformation

PfizerGate - My Pfizer Vaccine Injury Update - October 13, 2022

 5:00 am Woke up again with head pain and chest has been tight for most of the morning. I am still not back to myself where prior to the shots I was working out Monday-Friday. I was in such great shape but now I am lucky if I get to work out 2 days out of the week let alone 3. All my symptoms has been present today not painful to the point where it makes me soar anymore but still they are there, especially the head pain and the pin/needles shards of glass feeling that comes and goes. Again, this pain is always prevalent in the morning. Most of the time it will lighten up in the day unless I attempt to eat more than 3 meals and then it comes back at night, sometimes really bad. Just no explanation as to why so if I DIE EVEN THOUGH ALL MY BLOOD TEST, PISS TEST, STOOL TESTS, THE WHOLE NINE YARDS OF TESTING SHOWS NOTHING IS WRONG...THERE IS AND I WILL NOT LET ANYONE INCLUDING MYSELF CONVINCE MYSELF OTHERWISE. THEY SHOT ME WITH A TOXIC 2ND DOSE AND I KNOW THIS. OK EVERYONE THIS ONE IS GOING TO BE SHORT BECAUSE I WANT TO TALKE ABOUT A VERY IMPORTANT TOPIC THAT I FEEL NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED.

IT'S CALLED PfizerGate and yes I really think there is so much evil at play and all you have to do is watch THE REAL ANTHONY FAUCI and then start paying close attention to what is going out in this world. They are attempting to continue to scare us at levels we have never seen. They figure if they can get us all scared they can then start controlling every move we make, from our food scarcity, to lockdowns to full human control. #PhizerGate is completely behind this evil narrative, and if you don't believe me people are dying from these shots in the millions, just start to look outside of MAINSTREAM media as you will not see this from your main sources. You must look to factual sources and seek the truth because PfizerGate is the first place that is attempting to control every move we make. They have become so entwined in our Government and as for there shots not only are they toxic but if you do get through all of these shots you know have so much in your body that they may even attempt to tape into the Nano particles that may be present now in your body. Don't think this is the case well believe me I have never felt more sick since taking these shots and it starts at BIG PHARMA and PfizerGate #PfizerGate go do you own research everyone and then make the choice to either stand up for our freedoms or let them get destroyed by these very institutions. Well I will come back and elaborate more as more comes out on PfizerGate but until then keep up the good fight and fight back on #PfizerGate if you want to protect your health and prosperity going forward. Talk soon everyone...   

Main Symptoms: LIKE (WTF) Still Persisting...WHY BECAUSE OF PFIZERS VACCINE and yeah Im calling it what everyone is calling it these days PfizerGate #PfizerGate.

  • Calf muscle twitching/spasms #1  Pain of a 5 finally...
  • burning sensations throughout my lower extremities/numbness that comes and goes. Pain of a 4
  • feelings of Gerd/acid reflux (Felling of buildup of gases in my body) - (this was happening back in August 17 2021- September but this too went away after having to take Omperazel 40mg.) This has finally gone away after September 2021.
  • trouble/pain swallowing on the right side when eating citrus foods sometimes This has finally gone away after October 15, 2022
  • vibration spasm in different parts of my body. Pain of 2
  • POTS like symptoms - Pain of 7
  • Mas Cell Activation Symptoms - Somewhat has subsided.
  • Head Pressure comes and goes. #2 - Pain of 9
  • Slight pain feeling that comes and goes left side of my heart - Pain of 5
  • Blood Pressure Fluctuation - This has subsided or so I think.
  • Heart Rate Variability fluctuation - This has subsided or so I think.
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