Pfizer Vaccine Injury: My Detailed Pfizer Vaccine Injury Story August 2021 - Today October 05, 2022

Pfizer Vaccine Injury: My Detailed Pfizer Vaccine Injury Story August 2021 - Today October 05, 2022

Completely healthy my whole life up until this last year at the age of 42 and because I as working for one of the largest fortune 500 companies due to the POS VACCINE MANDATE PUSH AT OUR COMPANY and from the government I decided the only way back to normal and to keep in good standing with my company was to be a good patron. Also, I wanted to get back to some kind of normalcy and figured ok everyone around me got the shot and were ok, maybe these were "safe and effective" finally and all I ask is that I get sick for a couple of days because my body may not be use to the vaccine. Then…

Pfizer 19 1st shot begining of July 2021
Pfizer 19 2nd shot end of July 2021
Oh one thing I forgot to mention 1st shot there was no issue probably because I verified that it as a low risk shot. The 2nd is where the damage was done and I KNOW it is because it was deemed a medium risk shot as shown from looking up my lot numbers here.

Begining of August - "Satan" Enters My Body in the Form of a Vaccine all hell breaks out ER visit middle of August,

VAERS report filed - DUMB ass Pfizer comes back concluding: Small Fiber Neuropathy
Think about this for a minute how can they conclude this without taking a skin sample or test my body for this. IM TELLING YOU THESE COMPANIES DONT KNOW CRAP AND MAKING THIS UP AS THEY GO!!!
08/09/2021- First time ever in my life where I woke up early August 2021 with left hand and right hand completely numb. Going to give you a detailed hour by hour daily symptoms that all came at once.
08/15/2021- I began experiencing a burning sensation on the right side and left side of my hips, not yet experiencing any numbness in my legs or feet but I figured I would in the coming days, since I was experiencing numbness and an shocking feeling in both hands. This all began on August 09th 2021 all because of this Piece of Shit Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine. Since then I was experiencing burning sensations like a sunburn on my back even though I was never in the sun.
The numbness and shocking feeling usually would not set in until the evening.
8/15/2021 - Its now 1pm and there was a burning sensation again in my hips so far my breathing had not felt any different although I was starting to feel a sense of tightness in my chest, why was this happening, again because of this Pfizer Vaccine Injury.
8/15/2021 - It's now 3pm and I was now starting to feel some tingling in my right ankle, tingling in my toes, right foot is starting to feel numb and starting to wonder why is this happening?
8/15/2021 - 3:10pm Right shine on my right leg has a burning sensation and starting to have pressure in my head all because of this Pfizer Vaccine Injury.
8/15/2021 - 4pm I as not feeling a burning sensation not only in both of my shines but also on the inside of my left bicep.
8/15/2021 - 5:10pm Now experiencing a slight tingle base of the back of my neck.
8/15/2021 - 5:13pm Thankfully, numbness started to subside in both legs and feet, but was only temporary.
8/15/2021 - 7:12pm Tingling feeling in my right foot and bottom of the foot came back and was slightly numb hurt when I stomped down on my heal.
8/15/2021 - 7:40pm Both of my hands went numb again and both ankles were numb. Started to feel sick to my stomach. Mentioned to call 911.
8/15/2021 - 11pm Went to bed attempted to sleep, couldn't go into a deep sleep and kept stirring around. Got no sleep that night, forearms were burning topside and inside of both arms were now burning, back felt like it was irritated to the touch and my sheets. Both of my shines were now burning and this went on throughout the night no sleep.
8/16/2021 - 4am Its now early morning very tired, tried to go back to bed but didn't get any top right hand felt sunburned and was numb throughout my legs and feet.
8/16/2021 - 7:20am Began to experience a burning sensation on right and left side of my hips again. No numbness in any of the arms or feet but no was feeling a bruise like felling on my left tricep. Was hoping that it was nothing serious. Still had a burning sensation in both sides of hips, felt like a rash was coming in my hips legs.
8/16/2021 - 8:08am Had a slight numbness that was coming back and now my left pinky had no feeling in it.
8/16/2021 - 9:20am Itching in the center of my back was begining to happen, I as not feeling a sense of hot flashes that came upon me, and the left side of my neck and left shoulder were burning and numb.
8/16/2021 - 10:57am Now I was feeling a slight tingle and numbness in the left pinky again and the finger before my pinky. I was not starting to feel numbness in my right pinky.
8/16/2021 - 1:06pm Attempted to take a power nap, woke up and left hand was numb tingling and both of the backside of my triceps were now very sore all from this Pfizer Vaccine Injury.
8/16/2021 - I was no feeling a little better, finally had some what of an appetite. But was feeling a tingling on the right and left leg it was starting to feel numbness in my left hand.
8/16/2021 - 7:35pm Both right and left hips were now burning again, took Advil PM before bedtime, on a scale of 1-10 pain, 10 being worst pain, I was a 9.5.
8/17/2021 - 4:08am Woke up with numbness inside my right arm, right hand was also numb, tingling in the right side of my hip burning sensation was a pain level of 4, but nothing like the evening of 8/16/2021. Left hip pain was about a pain level of 2. Back of my left arm and the tricep felt sore and felt like I had been punched, a knot feeling, and my right and left thigh felt stiff.
8/17/2021 - 7:32am Now had a burning sensation in both sides of my hips, pain level was a 8. about like the morning of 8/16/2021. Decided I would start taking 2 Advil every 4 hours to see if I could get some relief.
8/17/2021 - 12:48pm Called CDC spoke with some dumb ass representative and they denied that things like this are really happening to people, hung up the phone on there dumb ass...
8/17/2021 - 4:25pm Registered a slight fever of 99.2 degrees nothing like was talked about in actually having COVID-19 naturally. 
8/18/2021 - 8am woke up with extreme pain felt like I had been kicked in the back of my left calf muscle. Pain level was a 9. I had not felt anything like this in my life. Now I had tingling more so in my left foot and a little in my right foot and horrible pain in my head. Not a headace feeling but more like a pressure feeling that I have never experienced in my life. Sadly, I knew that this PIECE OF SHIT VACCINE had now made it throughout my body, and I was now experiencing what they termed "Brain Zapps"
8/19/2021 -
8/19/2022 - 8pm ONGOING brain zapps every minute of the day for months on end, relentless. Start taking excedrine migrain in the morning hoping that it would give me relief until at least 2pm or 3pm then immediately start popping Advil like they were candy, the pain was so intense. I did this from August until Early October EVERY DAY!!!!
8/20/2022 - 5AM Woke up at with a horrible headache could not move the left side of my neck it was in so much pain. There was nothing I could do to manage the pain it was sooooooo intense. 
8/21/2021 - All day suffering in pain from shooting pain in my feet to numbness in my hands to numbness in my face it was nothing but pain. Head pressure was starting to become more intense.
8/21/2021 - 1pm Couldn't even make it through half the day before I was needing another 2 Advil, then couldn't even make it from 1 to 5 before I was taking another 2 Advil. JUST TYPING THIS ENFURIATES ME NEVER HAVE I HAD TO DO THIS IN MY LIFE. 
8/21/2021 - Well popped another 2 Advil at 5pm and well YEP you guessed it another 2 at 10pm. HELLO WAKE UP PEOPLE THIS IS NOT NORMAL. 
8/22/2021 - 2:15 pm All day pain from the moment I woke up until 2:15 pm where a new symptom started to rare it's ugly head, yeah have to say this one ignited really old memories back in my early college years, yep the ACID Indigestion/or what's called ACID REFLUX had fired up and it was the most intense round of build up I had ever experienced. THIS hit hard so hard that I could not get it to go away, so I immediately went out and bought Prilosec OTC and took 1 at 2:15pm. Hoping that this would go away. 
Nope sure didn't just eased it a little, and well suffered the ret of the day burping and swallowing deeply to try to get this very scary feeling to go away. 
GO figure this was relentless and happened throughout the entire day, oh but wait did I forget to mention that I was experiencing numbness and tingling throughout my entire body, while felling like GRAVETRON was taking place in my brain you know the different lights you see well this was the pain throughout my ENTIRE BRAIN.
8/22/2021 - 10pm Now going to take another 2 Advil and attempt to get some rest, it was a very rough night of sleep.
8/23/2021 - 6am One of the worst nights sleep so far so bad that I had to wake up at 6am and take Excedrine Migraine,
8/23/2021 - 2:45PM Schedule EMERGENCY MRI yeah that is what MY DUMB ASS MD suggested I take since she said well it looks like from your MRI it shows some little streaks in your brain, really I TRIED TO TELL HER DUMB ASS that I had the worst headpain of my life, she tried to make shit up as to the reasons other than these TOXIC YES I SAID TOXIC VACCINES SHIT OUR GOVT/MEDIA KEEPS TOUTING SAFE & EFFECTIVE. HEY LETS JUST PUT IT THIS WAY EXCEDRINE MIGRAINES AND ADVIL BECAME MY BEST FRIEND FROM AUGUST-END OF OCTOBER/NOVEMBER AND WAS POPPING THEM LIKE THEY WERE CANDY....
8/24/2021 - All Day I am experiencing pain but now the pain threshold is not being turned up a notch from a felling of about a 1-10 it was now sitting at a 8 overall my pain was unbearable, and Im popping it all from Excedrine Migraine in the morning to Advils throughout the day.
8/24/2021 - 5:25pm Took 2 yes that right I said 2 Omperozole on a empty stomach as it called for yep IM ON IT ALL NOW, flooding my body with all this shit, it was for the ACID REFLUX it was getting worse at though it felt like it was now choking me, I was soooooooo gassy from breaking wind throughout the day that's right not ashamed at all to say it to feeling like my stomach and body was filling up with gasses, could understand what was going on THESE WERE THE WORST DAYS OF MY LIFE...
8/25/2021- 2am Woke up feeling a sense as I was choking so yep you guessed it took another 2 Advil at 2am Wednesday morning now I was not able to get sleep. This all was so unnerving but I was able to get back to sleep and you guessed it.
8/25/2021 -6am Yep popping another 2 Advil as my Brain now felt so built up with pressure and like I said this was becoming something I was now getting used to. THERE WAS NOTHING I COULD DO BUT PRAY, PRAY AND DO MORE PRAYING it was as though my brain was going to explode, and then well yeah it hits me even harder now as I begin to experience a PULSATING HEART BEAT IN THE TOP OF MY BRAIN, NOT SURE WHAT THIS SHIT WAS ALL ABOUT BUT THIS WAS ONLY THE BEGINING OF MY HELL OF MONTHS TO COME...
8/25/2021 - 10am pulsating thumping in the top of my brain will not go away not sure what and or why I am all of a sudden experiencing this all I could think of is that I as going to either stroke out, have an aneurism, have a blood clot and or all of the about and just kill me as I knew at this point it just might. So scared as I was, I took 1 Excedrin Migraine Pill as I was now strategizing how I would need to get through my day and still work. 
8/25/2021 - 12pm Ok so now 2 hours had gone by and now I was getting really worried there were 2 and three pulsating beats going on in my head now. At this point I was really starting to worry, and all I could do is pray. This is when I really began to look into why this all of a sudden was happening to me. 
8/25/2021 - 5pm Couldn't even make it to 5pm without needing to take another 2 Advil, I know and get it some people are going to say well it was the Excedrin Migraine and the load of Advil that as causing all of this. YEAH RIGHT THIS WAS THE ONLY THING I HAD AVAILABLE TO ME TO EASE ALL THE PAIN I WAS EXPERIENCING. 
8/30/2021 - For the past 5 days I thought I really might die, for the first time in my life I thought this might be it, THESE ELITES have accomplished there agenda, to kill of the strong and even the week. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY OUR GOVT/MEDIA all of it they accomplished some of there agenda by pushing this false narrative that our god given bodies need crap like the TOXIC Pfizer/Pharmaceutical Vaccines in order for us to fight this virus that are here today. When in actuality 99.9 percent of the healthy people will survive this diseases. 
8/30/2021 - 1pm 
I know have received my test results from my ER visit and go figure the simple test they ran came back for the most part clear except for my bad Cholesterol it was slightly elevated, but for the most part things were what seemed to look fine. However, at this point I knew that there was more to this and that a what now I know was a "CYTOKINE STORM" was now taking hold in my body. How do I know this was happening, well as the months progress I start to get really deep understanding of more thoroughly involved test that indicate all the markers of a CYTOKINE STORM. This is where the story really gets ugly and shit starts really going down hill from here on out through the middle of 2022. Being that I was so healthy, always had a workout routine I was no longer able to do any of this so of course my Bad Cholesterol is going to become slightly elevated. 
9/03/2021 - 9am Took Excedrin migraine again and the pain in my brain is not letting up. Still experiencing all types of numbness throughout my body, left hand would go numb then the right hand, then the feet and now I was starting to experience really bad pain in the back of both of my CALF MUSCLES. I was like WTF why is this happening to me. Let me remind you that this pill was suppose to get me through 8 hours of the day, I couldn't even make it until 10 am and I  found myself popping another 2 Advil. For all of you hundreds of thousands of you that have been VAX INJURED I am sure you can relate, hopefully you have lived and will tell about it. 
9/03/2021 - 10am Yep you guessed it popped another 2 Advil. Then another Excedrine at 2pm, and then waited until about 9pm before I took another 2 Advil, my BRAIN was hurting so bad again to describe the level of pain I was going through it was unbearable a pain of a 11. I really felt I was going to die, and at this point all people were talking about is getting COVID and how to prevent this from happening. NO ONE WAS talking about the people that had LONG HAUL VACCINE INJURIES or what look to be symptoms of COVID. REMEMBER I NEVER HAD COVID, I TOLD MYSELF I WOULD NEVER GET THIS PIECE OF SHIT DISEASE.
9/09/2021 - 1pm Ok so a couple of days have now passed and still no relief in site of my symptoms easing, I see an add come over the TV and it's an Emgality add, so I think to myself hmmmm migraines, and it's suppose to help. But never in the 2 years have I ever had to take anything to help with pain in my BRAIN. So I sit back with the cold head pack literally it looks like a helmet on me but it had Ice Packs built in it and think hmmm should I call my MD doctor up and have her prescribe this. THEN I SAID HELL NO IM NOT GOING TO BUY INTO THERE SHIT, I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT THESE PILLS. THEY ONLY TREAT THE SYMPTOM AND IF YOUR LUCKY WONT CAUSE OTHER ISSUES, rather than it treating the cause. SO I SAID A BIG HELL NO TO THIS. 
9/11/2021 - 12pm Ok now I was starting to really worry as I was beginning to experience vibrations throughout my body, not to mention I was shitting what looked like radiated diarea and what looked like it had a green color to it. I was really starting to get worried as I was now experiencing all the other symptoms but now I was feeling anxious and pain in my chest near my heart. I knew that this is what others had experienced as well, I was just hoping that I would not.
So I took my reading of my blood pressure and it came back with a reading of 147/73. I said hmmmmm this is not usually where my readings come in, for the most part I have never had a FLUCTUATING Blood pressure, usually it's been with the acceptable healthy range of 120/80. So yeah I was really starting to pay attention to every symptom that I was experiencing. 
9/12/2021 - 3:30pm Yep you guessed it popped another 2 Advil like they are candy and was hoping that it would get me to 10pm where at that point right before I go to bed I can then take 2 Advil PM's. WHAT A FUCKING DISASTER I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS SHIT! SORRY ALL THIS IS HOW I WAS NOW FEELING A REAL SENSE OF HOPELESSNESS, AND GOD FOR BID IT WAS SO HARD TO SEE ANY GOOD DOCTORS SINCE THEY ARE ALL DEALING WITH COVID PATIENTS AND YOU CAN'T EVEN GET IN TO BE SEEN.
9/28/2021 - 4pm So the days pass by where and leading up to this day every single symptom you could think of I was now experiencing, oh but wait one new one came into the picture I was now getting numb on the left side of my body, the left side of my face, feeling like I had facial paralysis, and wait it gets better blurred vision, hmmmm go FUCKING figure. So I began scouring the internet to see what people were experiencing and what might help, I came across an article that said Chinese Acupuncture might help and some sessions. So I said ok lets do that all at the same time I am still working full time trying to keep the roof over my head and keep it all going. 
9/29/2021 - 5pm I finished my acupuncture treatment and the cupping treatment and my doctor came came back and showed my the images of my back from the cupping treatment. My liver and gallbladder was a darker color that most of my other areas that received the cupping treatment. Oh and if that was not bad enough, he put a light up to my legs that was suppose to be a soothing felling, but much to my surprise it felt as though I was getting an instant sunburn as my nerves had been damaged from the TOXIC PFIZER VACCINE SHOT! ANYONE THAT WANTS TO TELL ME OTHERWISE CAN GO KISS MY ASS...YEAH YOU HEARD THAT CORRECTLY...So it's by now that I am starting to really worry what in the heck is going on inside of me. This is now were I begin to immerse myself in attempting to figure out what this TOXIC VACCINE INJURY was doing to my body.
10/04/2021 - A couple of days have now passed as my symptoms as worsening, I have so much numbness in my legs and feet, also in my hands and the brain pressure NOT BRAIN FOG LIKE THE MEDIA ALWAYS SAID was intense. THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA LIES, and well not sure what to do. I see an add that comes over the TV saying ARE YOU HAVING NEUROPATHY issues if so we have a free test that you can take part in right now. Of course they drive home the fear of course at the end of the commercial by saying it can get so bad that you could potentially lose your leg or arm the neurological issue could get that bad. SO what did I do, I called the phone number thinking that this amazing doctor could provide relief. Much to my surprise he was a Chiropractor and a local one so I said free test, hmmmm might as well. I went to my appointment, and he said yes your sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system is not in ballance. Basically this is where it prepares the body for the “fight or flight” response during any potential danger. On the other hand, the parasympathetic nervous system inhibits the body from overworking and restores the body to a calm and composed state. Mine was in a FIGHT MODE and not letting up. So then he told me we can get that back into balance by putting you on oxygen and natural supplements and the whole program to help get you betting was going to cost over $11,000 dollars. WHOLLY SHIT that's it doc then I will be back to normal I asked him, at this point I can just remember the feeling of defeat and that this VACCINE INJURY was going to ruin everything about my life up to this point. I mean here I was working for the largest tech company, living the good life getting married in the spring to my finance, owned my 2nd home, sold the first one, I mean life was great and now this. Well because of this VACCINE INJURY in the END IT TOOK EVERYTHING FROM ME including losing my home after well of course the bank has owned it for the last years. But just like anything I had always continued to make my payments as I had a good paying job and well now that was even being challenged. OK enough about this I will get back to this later, but yes life was good up until PFIZER TOXIC VACCINE SHOT ruined, that's right literally ruined my life. So did I go through with this $11,000 procedure, HECK NO I DIDN'T who would. Just wrong how so many people started taking advantage of us VACCINE INJURED. So my quest to feel better continued. 
This is the moment in my life where I knew that up to this point I was taking very little natural supplements to get me back to health. I knew that this VACCINE INJURY might (and according to new studies) still may take my life so I said to myself, ok I need to start doing all kinds of testing before I start supplementing so I can see where I am at in regards to a BASELINE then, see if anything serious comes back in the test and then start building my health back. SO THE SLOUGH OF TESTING BEGAIN.
10/05/2021 - After the days have gone by for the last 4 days I begin the ongoing test, Access TWW Cardio Metabolic Panel, Access Immune Panel, Genova GI Effects Stool Analysis Test Kit, Betaine HCL, Results RNA ACG Glutahtione Spray, Ortho Molecular Fish Oil, Dandelion Root (Organic Liquid Herb) Results RNA, AC Nano, Japenese Knotwood (Organic Liquid Herb), CBD Tincture 3000mg, The Great Plains MycoTOX Profile, and the new patient Exam total cost $1695.36 HA does it end no this is just the start of my personal money being hemorrhaged, and what latter becomes my downward spiral losing it all
10-06-2022 Then I get another list of supplements and tests, and now is where I totally feel hopeless. I wanted to make sure that before I started taking the natural supplements I knew I needed a BASELINE. So I started testing before I started taking the supplements but this is where my list grew. Q Power 100 mg, Access D-Dymer, Access Fibrinogen, Access Thyroid Panel, Access C19 Abs, Wormwood (Organic Liquid Herb), Tumeric (Organic Liquid Herb), Test Results & Care Care Plain (PYG) and yet another $1000.00 Dollars OUT OF MY OWN POCKET
10-07-2022 I finally finished the tests and have sent them away for results. Receive the test results and for the most part everything came back normal except my slightly elevated bad Chelestrol, which in this case is explainable because for one who doesn't have issues with there Cheloestrol these days with all the just they are putting into our foods, and something that was concerning is that I somehow all of a sudden had a need for MICROBIOME SUPPORT which my doctor thought might be the case. HMMMMMMM so all along I am perfectly healthy and then now I am having all these issues. YEAH well the plot even thickens even more now it's showing in the results DYSBIOSIS, meaning that this TOXIC VACCINE that was suppose to be SAFE & EFFECTIVE has now disabled me and has made me sick. THIS WAS MY GREATEST FEAR ALL now that all my results have come back now I have my baseline and now the Supplemental treatment stage is what I go into. All of a sudden I find myself rehearsing what I feel is an image of a very sickly man out of the bible that cannot get any better. This is the image that comes to my mind as I am not on over 2 dozen high end supplements and liquid herbs. I was attempting to try to get my body to calm down. This is where my story starts to take on a very more real dark side of symptoms that come. 
10-08-2021 The entire month of October was filled with Pills, high intake of Natural supplements as I cannot afford all the high end IVIG and HBOT treatments and so I just opted to attempt to do this sadly and still go figure no relief in sight. Popping Advil everyday multiple times a day, Excedrine Migraines and barely being able to walk as the dizyness would set it and just make me almost sick to my stomach. ARE WE HAVING FUN YET, JUST MAKES YOU WANT TO GO OUT THERE AND SIGN UP TO GET THAT SHOT...RIGHT? IF YOU ASK ME THEY CAN TAKE THERE SHOTS AND WELL LETS JUST SAY I COULD GO OFF BUT I WON'T...DID I STUTTER REMEMBER IF YOU DONT LIKE MY TONE OR MESSAGE OR TO DEMOCRAT FOR YOU...LEAVE I DON'T CARE!
This all goes on until the end of the month where at that point a little ray of light comes to my called THE COVID LONG HAULER PROGRAM by the Amazing DR. Bruce Patterson. But again once I signed up after having to go through many hurdles of which I had to find a Doctor here in my state that doesn't believe in VAX injuries really for the most part. However I did, and again after spending over $780.00 just for this program and after doing a tele appointment I was hoping that I would now get the answers I was looking for. My results came back from the CONVID LONG HAULER program and well go figure I can't say that I was surprised to see most of my markers were showing high. MEANING THAT I HAD A CYTOKINE STORM... Well so now what well, it was either I enroll in the treatment which consisted of certain pills including whats called Maraviroc (brand name: Selzentry) is a prescription medicine approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of HIV infection, or I CONTINUE TO GO THE NATURAL WAY AND BATTLE THIS WITH NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS. Of course being that I come from a Doctor family I chose the Natural Supplement route, after all this one pill has a side effect that can change your immune system and the way it functions. THIS WAS A VERY DIFFICULT DECISION AND EVEN THOUGH I HAD THE MARAVIROC IN HAND which let me remind you cost a fortune well over $1000.00 for 60 pills, I still chose the natural path. I CANT STAND BIG PHARA AND I WAS NOT ABOUT TO TAKE MY CHANCES ON A PILL THAT TOUTED RELIEF OF MY WHAT WAS NOW STARTING TO HAVE TINNITUS, AND MY OTHER SYMPTOMS. I REMEMBER THINKING TO MYSELF WHAT IF I HAVE A BAD REACTION TO THIS, THEN I WILL HAVE EVEN MORE ISSUES. So I decided after even having a call with my POS MD and the NJ Doctor on there team that I would do this naturally. AND SO I DID, it was a very difficult decision on what could be immediate relief as opposed to relief that would come over time if not years perhaps, but this is what I chose, I VOWED I WOULD NOT TAKE BIG PHARMAS PIECE OF SHIT JUNK ANY LONGER....
11-16-2021 I am now committed to attempting to recover and well started the natural supplements. I am now taking wormwood in the morning, multiple times a day, all the other massive amounts of liquid herbs and pills, and yes still popping Advil as though it is candy just to get the pressure in my head to get some relief. The ringing was bad but not at the level it is at now to this day on 10-04-22 like I said a year and 86 days later. 
It was at this point where I decided that I would do this and attempt to see my primary care physician but they were backed up until 12-09-2021. So I got on the list and did all of this right up until I was able to see her on 12-9-2021. 
12-09-2021 Ok so I finally got in to see her and MY POS here in our Democratic POS State decided to put me on Prespidone Tapper (low dose), now how did I know she was going to attempt to put me on this because this is what all the doctors do. So she prescribed me this but I was hesitant finally I was now not popping as many Advil but at least I was no longer having to do Excedrine everyday. So my head was starting to feel a little better, and I figured well maybe hell is now letting up on me. So I took the Prespidone, and left my appointment and figured well I know have everything that the COVID LONG HAULER PROGRAM IS CALLING FOR but I was still reluctant to take what was suggested. 
12-18-2021 Twitching in the back of both calf muscles is now happening every minute of the day first it was just every now and then but it seems that this has become much worse. So I now have a new ongoing second by second twitching that starts in and is now relentless. If literally feels like my body is just wanting to shut down. YOU THINK IM MAKING THIS SHIT UP...This is litterally straight out of a horror story, and if this is not bad enough, now I begin to experience a left bicep spasm that was taking place. WHY ALL BECAUSE OF THIS BULLSHIT TOXIC PHIZER COVID-19 VACCINE. YEAH did I stutter, remember you can leave it you don't like the truth I would much rather you leave our website, see if I care. This spasm lasted for 2-4 minutes it happened later in the night on this day right before I was attempting to go to bed at 8:30pm. 
12-19-2021 Later in the day I felt this same sensation again in the left bicep only this time it felt like a heart beat and my left pinky finger was beginning to tighten up and feel weird. 
12-21-2021 All of these days since 12-18-2021 have been pure hell, plagued with pain and now this is where it all takes the turn for the worse. At 1:15am I am rudley awakened as my entire whole left side of my arm is tingling and feeling of which I have never experienced in my life. I wake up and not only is it tingling but it was extremely painful to clinch my fist, I continue to experience this awful pain in my left arm all the way down to my left pinky, so this just gave me another thing I had to worry about and well of course I wanted to know why. So I noticed online that it states it could be and Ulner Nerve Disruption or GOD FOR BID it was not hopefully damaged, but again only time would tell. IT WAS THE WORST PAIN IN MY LIFE THAT I WOULD NOT WISH UPON MY WORST ENEMY(OK WITH THE EXCEPTION OF BILL GATES AND ANTHONY FAUCI) AS I ONLY WISH THEY WOULD EXPERICE THIS PAIN I HAD OR ANYONE ELSE THAT MAY QUESTION US VAX INJURED. 
Well after getting no sleep that night and literally crying myself to sleep it finally let up at around 4:30am. This was by far the worst pain I had ever experienced. 
12-24-2021 It's Friday and the weekend of Christmas one night before Christmas Eve. This weekend is suppose to just be filled with happiness and joy, for me this night was again another pain intensifying night filled with horror and relentless pain throughout my entire body including now my head again was coming back with roaring pain. I decided that the pain was still not really going away and so I decide to take the Prespidone the day of Christmas Eve, then finally once I bumped it up to the 2 pills my head pain was now starting to come back with a vengeance, the likes of which it felt like my head was going to explode! The pain was so bad but yet there was nothing that I could now do as I did not want to add Advil or any other meds to the mix. So I decided to just tough it out and was miserable the entire holidays. I can't describe the amount of helplessness I had at this point. After all, the only thing I was hoping for and praying for was to finally get some relief. 
12-29-2021 Finally I get some more test results that continue to trickle in and well just trying to get through each day, woke up a couple of times in the night feeling a shortness of breath feeling but never was a sick during this time. Other than waking up to a numb left arm and the slight Ulnar Nerve feeling that was for the most part the new issues and the many different symptoms I was now having. This was the 2nd and what now I know was the last time I had the Ulnar Nerve disruption in my left arm. Thank god. This was now what I knew would be my new normal sadly going into the NEW YEAR. Being that I was gong to attempt this the all natural way later in this day as evening set it, I decided that since my inflammation markers were all very high, according to the COVID LONG HAULER program being that there were proven studies that have been published on CBD I figured I would partake in the JUVA LIFE trial participant study of there new high end all natural CBD pill. So I also had this available as I had been doing a lot of research of how to get rid of all in the INFLAMMATION that had set it on my body. So I decided this night that I would take 1 CBD 50MG pill at 10pm before I went to bed. At first I felt like my pain throughout my body and then at 11pm YEP YOU GUESSED IT THE BURNING AND PAIN THROUGHOUT MY ENTIRE BODY RUSHED THROUGH MY BODY. IT WAS AS THOUGH I WAS RELIVING ALL THE PAIN OVER AGAIN TIMES 2. I WAS LAYING ON MY SILK SHEETS AND ALL OF A SUDDEN IT HURT AND STUNG LIKE BEES WERE STINING MY ALL OVER MY ENTIRE BODY. IT WAS THE WORST PAIN ANYONE AND I MEAN ANYONE COULD EVER FEEL, AND IT LAST FROM 11PM-1AM JUST RELENTLESS PAIN, CRIPPLING PAIN  
I HAD NEVER FELT ANYTHING LIKE THIS IN MY LIFE. The pain went on through the night but finally started to ease at about 3am. Thankfully, I was able to finally get some sleep. 

12-31-2021- HAPPY HORRIBLE NEW YEAR! HOEFULLY JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED ON MY Pfizer Vaccine Injury, Pfizer Vaccine Injury!!!!!!!

01-03-2022 10am I am suppose to have a consultation with my neurologist but there are so backed up they had to push my appointment to 01-14-2022
01-14-2022 after many months of agony my right calf muscles was starting to lesson with the twitching, but I was still experiencing twitching, and all the other symptoms. I also, was going to go to my neurologist but because of the cost and the fact that they would just put me on Prespidone Taper which I already had I chose to push this to another day. 
1-26-2022 This whole month had been hell and full of nothing but pain, pain, and more pain especially in my legs as they were so tight and hard for me to even walk. I HOPE THAT THESE PEOPLE WHO KNOWNLING KNEW THESE SHOTS WOULD CAUSE HARM GET WHAT THEY GET....

BP reading 8:30am - 132/ 73 72

after talking with my Homeopothis this Morning

10am- head pressure 5

10am- ring ears still 6

10am- cafe muscle twitching -5

10am- pain in throat right side when swallowing citrus- 7

11am- head pressure 5

11am- ring ears still 6

11am- cafe muscle twitching -5

11am- pain in throat right side when swallowing citrus- 7

12pm- BP reading- 

12pm - head pressure 5

12pm - ring ears. 6

12 pm - calf muscle  left- 6 right 5

12pm- throat- 7

1 pm- head pressure-4

1 pm- ring ears-left - went down a little 6   R- 5

1pm-  calf muscles. L- 6.   R-  5

1pm- throat-  7

2 pm- head pressure- 4

2 pm- ring ears. L- 6.     R-     5

2 pm-  calf muscles. L- 6.   R- 5

2 pm throat- 7

3 pm- head pressure- 4

3 pm - ring ears. L- 6.     R-     5

3 pm- calf muscles. L- 6.   R- 5

3pm- throat- 7

4 pm- head pressure- 5

4 pm - ring ears. L- 6.     R-     5

4 pm- calf muscles. L- 5   R- 4

4 pm- throat- 7

5 pm- head pressure- 6

5 pm - ring ears. L-7.   R- 5

5 pm- calf muscles. L- 6.    R- 5

5 pm- throat- 7

6 pm- head pressure- 7   at 6 I decided to take 2 extra strength Tylenol 250mg totaling 500 mg…

6 pm - ring ears. L- 6.     R-     5

6 pm- calf muscles. L- 6.   R- 5

6 pm- throat- 7

Went to bed at 8:45pm because my head was just soar…

02-06-2022 Start HOMEOPATHY treatment and now I am really having to document all my symptoms from this TOXIC Vaccine Injury, well start with a simple prayer, 
Greater is he that is in me than he that is in this world.

Calf muscles have not been spasming or twitching most of day before even taking the arsenicum 

Took fist 3 pills of Arsenicum album on February 4, 2022 at 1:49pm today. We’ll see how I feel tonight….please lord help!!!

Head aching most of day say 6 between 1 -10

2:24 pm felt a little ache middle of my stomach…. Maybe it’s working…

2:37pm just slight stomach pain not sure what to make of this….

At 4pm ringing volumn a little more intense increase from 4 to a 6 , head aching got more intense as well went from 6 to an 8 feeling a sense of anxiety and needs to sit down…

Will monitor….

4:09 pm All of a sudden the pain has gone back to a 6 but fluctuating from minute to minute…

4;26 pm back to a 6 with the head soreness/ache

4:38pm still a 6

Twitched a little in the left calf but just slightly…

4:47pm back to feeling like an 7/8

4:51 pm head pressure still at a 6…

5:33pm head pressure is easing now from a 6 to a 5 just after getting off the phone with my dad…ringing in ears still the same…

6:08pm feeling better ringing still the same but head pressure is more like a 6 now…

6:26pm pressure in head slightly returning to a 7 and right foot felt weird kind of numb for a couple seconds…

7:05pm pressure in head has come back to 5/6

9am So tired decide to go to bed - All because of this Pfizer Vaccine Injury.

02-07-2022 1:45pm Head Pressure went back to a 7 of pain.
Everything else as far as pain threshold was the same as 01-06-2022.

02-10-2022 7pm Well I finally get my Ivermectin and was nervous of all the bad publicity that this drug was getting in the media, so I decide to take 1 Ivermectin. Didn't really notice anything and so just wanted to wait and see what happened.

02-11-2022 9am Reach out to my local Pulmonary Dept. as right from the begining of all of this back in August my chest was tighter than usually and just not feeling like it has in the past, wanted to make sure there is no pericarditis or
myocarditis or worse so just wanted to get this looked at and now I was looking into LONG HAUL COVID VACCINE treatments as things were starting to show up that hopefully would provide the much needed relief. 
Meanwhile February is just passing by and my year mark just can't get here soon enough all because of this PIECE OF SHIT PFIZER COVID-19 VACCINE INJURY. 
02-14-2022 5:53am lower back stinging and somewhat burning… lower left leg also feeling like sandpaper….

10:46- top right foot little burn 5/6

Head pressure been 3/4 all morning up to now turning into a 4/5

11:20 am ring went muted in left but it was a weird feeling still could hear but ringing dissipated for a sec… 

11:40am head pressure now at 5/6

1:40 pm pressure head 6….

Until about - 

From 6-  7:30 pm went up to a 6/7

10:50 pm now back at 5/6

Ringin ears still 6/7

Calf’s 4/5

Burning / skin sensitivity - none really

Tingling/numbness-  1/2

02-15-2022 8:30am 

Head pressure-   5

Ringing left - 6

Ringing right 5

Calf left -5

Calf right-4

Skin sensitivity/ burning- none thank god

Numbness/tingling- none

02-16-2022 9am

Most of my day head pressure was 5

Took 2 benadryl at 8:34pm sensitivity of skin was a 7/8

Seems to have felt a little better since taking the last 2 last night at 8:34 pm,   

02-17-2022 4:42am
Took another 2 Benadryl at 4:42 this morning will see how I feel

02-18-2022 11:11am Took 2 Advil as my skin sensitivity came back really bad 7 or 8 pain threshold and all my other symptoms were still with me all because of this PIECE OF SHIT PFIZER VACCINE INURY.
Advised to contact 
SUPPOSE TO HAVE AN EMG- Why is the Em Not on the referral…
Dignity health medical- 
Address confirm with them…
The number the referral dept at…

02-28-2022 The entire month has been pure hell and nothing but pain, so now moving into another month of nothing but hell...

03-20-2022 Start taking other supplements now as more of the VACCINE INJURY is starting to become more mainstream, begin taking over 1000mg of Magnesium, Curcumin, Vitamin C, Quercetin, Zinc Plus and N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine as recommended for YEP you guessed it ONLY THE BEST DR. BRYAN ARDIS, OOOPS AM I NOT SUPPOSE TO SAY WHAT I AM TAKING WELL TOO BAD DEAL WITH IT TO ANY OF YOU ELITES OR ANYONE THAT DOESN'T AGREE WITH THIS. I DON'T GIVE A SHIT. I begin taking other suggested supplements have to say that the Myocarditis protocol from DR. BRYAN ARDIS really worked, my heart started to feel much better. 

From March through August all of my symptoms have not let up, still experiencing all the issues, yes the head pressure and headaches are not pulsating in my brain, but still having issue. It seems like now that my body has rounded the corner September my Neuropathy issues have come back a little more, where the top of my foot burns, the backside of my back hits with with pinpricks and and both sides of my rib cage tingle and experience a burn, ALL BECAUSE OF THIS PIECE OF SHIT PFIZER COVID 19 VACCINE YEAH YOU ALL HEARD THAT CORRECTLY! DID I STUTTER...

I will now be providing a day by day blog and I will be continuing to do this until I get relief, unfortunately I don't have the deep pockets that our government has to address any of this or provide us with any help through our insurance, so hopefully someone will hear our cries for help "Safe and Effective right"


  • Calf muscle twitching/spasms #1
  • burning sensations throughout my lower extremities/numbness that comes and goes.
  • feelings of Gerd/acid reflux (Felling of buildup of gases in my body) - (this was happening back in August 17 2021- September but this too went away after having to take Omperazel 40mg.)
  • trouble/pain swallowing on the right side when eating citrus foods sometimes
  • vibration spasm in different parts of my body.
  • POTS like symptoms
  • Mas Cell Activation Symptoms
  • Head Pressure comes and goes. #2
  • Slight pain feeling that comes and goes left side of my heart
  • Blood Pressure Fluctuation
  • Heart Rate Variability fluctuation
  • Left Arm Ulner Nerve Disruption/Injured - Entire Left Arm was tingling and completely numb - This happend in the Month of December and then finally went away...
Still battling the Pfizer Covid-19 injuries to this day 10/06/2022!!
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