your telling me they didn't know how to hijack our bodies immune system...if you think this you have been living in a hole

mRNA - POS Pfizer Vaccine Injury - December 14, 2022

NEVER AGAIN WILL I EVER TAKE A "SHOT" that has contents of mRNA in it.  #mRNA, the reason is because they used this technology to put not the SPIKE PROTIEN INTO OUR BODIES, NOOOOO NOOOO NOOOO THEY ACTUALLY PUT THE SPIKE "GLYCO" PROTEIN, THEY KNEW EXACTLY WHAT THIS "GLYCO" DID ONCE IT ENTERS OUR BODY. It literally shreds our endothelial cells, perhaps this is the reason why I always described the burning what they call pins and needles feelings more like shards of glass going through my body. YES I AM NOW CONVINCED MORE THAN I EVER HAVE BEEN THAT THESE 2 SHOTS I TOOK COULD HAVE ENDED MY LIFE. Now because of this I am on a mission to empower every one of us who have made it through this storm to make a difference in this world and help expose this to the masses so no one else gets injured from this deadly mRNA technology. #mRNA is so dangerous and bad for our bodies, no one needs this junk in them, and I am doing everything I can to get this mRNA shit to rid my body. I will and am going to do everything in my power to make this happen, whatever I have to do at all cost, sign me up just as long as I know that this mRNA is gone. #mRNA is extremely dangerous and enough is enough, you will all see this in time that mRNA, is just a toxic substance and should not be in the human body. We know this for a fact just after the way it reacted to my body. Take it from someone that never had an issue, let alone was never down for maybe more than 3-6 days. Now going on over a year and almost 6 months of daily second by second pain, I would not wise this upon anyone, well ok maybe my worst enemies, you know who you are but lets face it, this shit attempted to destroy my body, you have no idea. But I will not allow this PIECE OF SHIT mRNA #mRNA to do that. No way, I have defeated it and doing it every day, the pain I endured along this healing journey has been nothing short of daily misery,  But what you don't realize is the people that pushed this and cast this evil upon our world well lets just say I AM NOW STRONGER THAN I HAVE EVER BEEN AND THE REASON IS BECAUSE THOSE THAT ATTEMPTED TO HYJACK MY IMMUNE SYSTEM HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS COMING, YEAH YOU HEARD THAT CORRECTLY I AM GOING TO LITERALLY HELP AND DO ANYTHING TO EXPOSE THE TRUTH OF THESE TOXIC "GENE" ALTERING mRNA SHOTS.. These Toxic mRNA shots did literally ruin my life but I will not allow this to happen, therefore never again will I ever take any SHOT for as long as I live the rest of my life. mRNA #mRNA you may have tried to end my life but that didn't happen and never will happen that is why I stand here now today and it will be defeated over time. THE RE-AWAKENING OF THE DEADLY MRNA SHOTS IS NOW AND ALIVE AND BEING EXPOSED AND WE WILL DO EVERYTHING WE HAVE TO TO HELP DO JUST THAT. GOOD LUCK TO THE SUCCESS OF THE mRNA technology and #mRNA. CAN"T WAIT TO SEE mRNA crash and burn in hell which is where this belongs.  

Main Symptoms: LIKE (WTF) Still Persisting...WHY BECAUSE OF PFIZERS VAX and the use of there mRNA technology. That's right I should have run in the complete opposite direction when they mentioned technology. Never again!!!

    • Calf muscle twitching/spasms #1 Pain of a "4" finally...
    • Pins/Needles/Shards of Glass Feeling - Both sides of my lower rib cage pain "4"
    • burning sensations throughout my lower extremities/numbness that comes and goes. Pain of a "4"
    • feelings of Gerd/acid reflux (Felling of buildup of gases in my body) - This has subsided again no longer presant. 
    • trouble/pain swallowing on the right side when eating citrus foods sometimes This has finally gone away after October 15, 2022
    • vibration spasm in different parts of my body. Pain of "3"
    • POTS like symptoms - Pain of "3"
    • Mas Cell Activation Symptoms - Somewhat has subsided.
    • Head Pressure comes and goes. #2 - Pain of "6"
    • Slight pain feeling that comes and goes left side of my heart - Pain of my heart pain "3"
    • Blood Pressure Fluctuation - This has subsided or so I think.
    • Heart Rate Variability fluctuation - This has subsided or so I think.
    • Tightness in chest pain "4"


5:00am - Woke up with of course you guessed it suicidal ringing in both of my ears. Headpain level of a 4 and ringing in both ears pain 11. The headpain is not as bad right now, I have ordered a whole slough of more supplements, this includes CBD Ultra Full Spectrum Extract, a Noise Sleep Mask, 1000mg of Vitamin C, My Omega 3's, Nano Zeolite, Polar minerals, Lecthin, Organic Pineapple Juice, and Organic Apple Juice. Yeah well this is the life of living a Vaccine Injured life. So far the pain today has been light, and thankfully not so much pain in my head, and thrankfully I am not feeling the shards of glass feeling.  

Again, it's been a morning with less pain finally then normal, from 5:00am until now 6:35am. I would still describe my ringing in my ears as a high pitch tinnitus sound, light feeling of the pressure again in my head, still have no idea as to why all of a sudden I get this very uncomfortable feeling, hopefully this will eventually subside. And the blured vision on occassion.

Well, from the last time I made an update WHICH WAS AT 6:35am until now 4:40pm, the pain has been light up until 1:00pm since then the pain has increased in the head but not as much as it has been in the past. Pain level of 4 as of now and its now going into the end of the evening.  Well going to call it a night at 9:00pm and I will be sure to keep you all updated, all the best and GODSPEED!

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