jack dorsey piece of shit

Jack Dorsey - My Vaccine Injury - December 01, 2022


jack dorsey piece of shit

WHY AM I CALLING OUT  #Jack Dorsey has always been a reclusive silent little weasel and a Piece of Shit CEO. Look if I have to sit here and watch Twitter prior to Elon Musks takeover share there viewpoints on Social Media, well then I am going to share my opinion on there outlandish bullshit platform prior to Elons takeover. And for the last 3 years there platform has been so vile with there whole sensoring profiles, especially when Donald Trump took office. And lets face it they are so onesided, so here goes my views on that trailer trash Twitter platform prior to Elon taking it over, thank god.  Yes, you heard that correctly specifically Jack Dorsey and how he was so admit about their piece of shit WOKE culture. Well now #Jack Dorsey how great is your woke culture now. Thank god it has been dismantled and tore down. Jack Dorsey you are a nobody, an woke freak that can take all your successes and well hopefully it will all come back with some karma. You see Jack Dorsey you too have ruied hundreds of thousands of lives with your woke initiative as many people turned to your platform attempting to see through this COVID bullshit!!!  I hope one day you get yours as well, and finally Elon has put an end to your toxic platform that once was, and now the truth will all be coming out. It is disgusting and quite honestly appalling that you Jack Dorsey can sure suppress the truth and share only that of the viewpoints your team wanted to, but yet you couldn't be fair and honest on both sides. You see Jack Dorsey when it's all said and done I think they are going to uncover one of the greatest crimes that took place in Social Media and you knew all about it.  You see Jack Dorsey this is what you get when you attempt to withhold the truth. #Jack Dorsey your just another wash up CEO that will hopefully be spending some time behind bars.   

However, lets talk about my symptoms that I continue to have. So as of yesterday I continued to take my 2 mg of Nicorette Niccotine gum and well this morning when I woke up at 7:am I felt as though my acid reflux is coming back. I know that I have had issues with this but makes sense if your going to chew gum then you are creating additional acids, but I have to get through this and keep taking it so it gets into my brain. I have to get THIS TOXIC SHIT OF SHOT SUBSTANCE OUT OF MY BRAIN, and well this is one way as it goes to my nicotinal receptors. So I will continue to do this along with my usual daily regime. Well thankfully woke up with almost no headpain this morning with rining still about the same in both ears. Thankfully, no shards of glass feeling as of yet, but will be sure to let you all know. 

3:33pm Ok so today so far I have taken 3 gums and still no silencing this madness ringing in my ears, and there is still a constant electrical buzz in my bran. It feels like it's never going to go away. Could it be the same feeling or what they call Cancer Brain, hope to god not, it would be the result of this TOXIC SHOTS THATS FOR SURE..ok well it's only 4:10pm as of now and its been a long day. From 4:10pm - 9:10pm most of my symptoms that I usual would have had have lessoned, not sure if this means hat finally this PIECE OF SHIT SPIKE protein is starting to lesson in my body but who knows I do and have had occasional head pain since 4:10pm but still and uncomforting feeling in my chest and head. well going to head off to bed all. Take care all and GODSPEED... 

Main Symptoms: LIKE (WTF) Still Persisting...WHY BECAUSE OF PFIZERS VAX and the Social Media Companies That Bought Into Their Narrative Like CEO Jack Dorsey #Jack Dorsey!

  • Calf muscle twitching/spasms #1 Pain of a "3" finally...
  • Occasional blured vision left eye THIS IS A NEW ONE AND REACCURANCE FOR SOME REASON - "3"
  • Pins/Needles/Shards of Glass Feeling - Both sides of my lower rib cage, it was coming and going throughout the day pain - "4"
  • burning sensations throughout my lower extremities/numbness that comes and goes. Pain of a "4"
  • feelings of Gerd/acid reflux (Feeling of buildup of gases in my body) - This has subsided again no longer presant. 
  • trouble/pain swallowing on the right side when eating citrus foods sometimes This has finally gone away after October 15, 2022
  • vibration spasm in different parts of my body. Pain of "4"
  • POTS like symptoms - Pain of "3"
  • Mas Cell Activation Symptoms - Somewhat has subsided.
  • Head Pressure comes and goes. #2 - Pain of "5"
  • Burn sensation left front side of my head - Frontal lobe portion feels like a pinch feeling -  Pain "2"
  • Slight pain feeling that comes and goes left side of my heart - Pain of my heart pain "5"
  • Blood Pressure Fluctuation - This has subsided or so I think.
  • Heart Rate Variability fluctuation - This has subsided or so I think.
  • Tightness in chest pain "5"


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