Dr. Peter McCullough Hero Doctor - POS Vaccine Injury - December 08. 2022

Dr. Peter McCullough Hero Doctor - POS Vaccine Injury - December 08. 2022

6:00 am - Woke up with of course you guessed it suicidal ringing in both of my ears, but I was able to get another long night of sleep through the whole night. Sure enough my doctors told me to increase my supplements, so i have that being my omega 3's from the recommended to 6-8 a day and my multi vitamin that I am now on. it's now 1:20pm and so far I have had intermittent pain and pins/needles in my ribcage and will provide an update as the day progresses. Until the next update.

1:20pm - 9:30pm Have to admit all it was a rough day, I was experiencing pins/needles throughout the day and the headpain was something. It would come and go pain level the lowest was maybe a  the worst was 7.5. Yeah just all my symptoms has come back not sure but I sure could use a break, well it's now 9:30pm and well I am going to call it a night, godspeed everyone stay safe out there...

Dr. Peter McCullough and the word #Dr. Peter McCullough should all put us at ease, especially knowing the he is and has allways been rained as a Hero Doctor. However, during the Plandemic he was chastised, and shunned my Main Stream Media. He was accused of spreading Misinformation, and I only wish I would have been following doctors and the doctors he knew through this whole Plandemic, prior to me getting the TOXIC SHOTS.  Thankfully, these doctors are again getting there time in the media and the truth is unraveling as we speak about the impacts that these deadly shots are causing. All because of these HERO doctors. Doctors like Dr. Peter McCullough are amazing people and all the evil doctors need to emulate people like #Dr. Peter McCullough. Dr. Peter McCullough and the word #Dr. Peter McCullough should all give us some hope, especially knowing that Dr. Peter McCullough is now back in the driver seat coming out and having the important conversations with heads of the stat such as Senator Ron Johnson as of December 08, 2022. Thank god, for doctors like #Dr. Peter McCullough he really is advocating that these shots WERE AND ARE EXTREMLY DANGEROUS. #Dr. Peter McCullough knows more than most doctors in this world and for me I am really excited to see that he was finally able to get all the exposure he deserved center stage with the best of the best in this world yesterday. Dr. Peter McCullough please make things happen we as humanity could really use doctors like you in this world bringing the awareness that all these SHOTS CAN AND ARE DEADLY...Go Dr. Peter McCullough the lord would be one happy man knowing that you are standing up for the decades of learning and education that you have committed to, to make you the Best Doctor in The World, make it happen.. 

Main Symptoms: LIKE (WTF) Still Persisting...WHY BECAUSE OF PFIZERS VAX and if it weren't for the HERO DOCTORS COMING OUT LOUD TO HELP ALL US VAX INJURED, thank you #dr peter mccullough.

  • Calf muscle twitching/spasms #1  Pain of a "6"
  • Pins/Needles/Shards of Glass Feeling - Both sides of my lower rib cage pain "7"
  • burning sensations throughout my lower extremities/numbness that comes and goes. Pain of a "7"
  • feelings of Gerd/acid reflux (Felling of buildup of gases in my body) - This has subsided again no longer presant. 
  • trouble/pain swallowing on the right side when eating citrus foods sometimes This has finally gone away after October 15, 2022
  • vibration spasm in different parts of my body. Pain of "6"
  • POTS like symptoms - Pain of "3"
  • Mas Cell Activation Symptoms - Somewhat has subsided.
  • Head Pressure comes and goes. #2 - Pain of "7" 
  • Slight pain feeling that comes and goes left side of my heart - Pain of my heart pain "3"
  • Blood Pressure Fluctuation - This has subsided or so I think.
  • Heart Rate Variability fluctuation - This has subsided or so I think.
  • Tightness in chest pain "3"


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